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  • Advertising Tax Deduction Remains Intact... For Now July 31, 2015
    Tax Reform Unlikely Soon As Congress prepares to leave Washington, DC for the August recess, the odds keep getting longer that comprehensive or corporate tax reform will happen before the next election.
  • Governor Bendayan Looks Ahead June 17, 2015
    Over the last year I've been working with AdFed members around the Fourth District and the country to figure out what kind of a future we want to chart for the federation.  It's equal parts exciting and challenging.  Exciting because a high-level discussion about our industry's future in Florida and the Caribbean is a conversation […]
  • Governor Andersen Wraps Up His Year June 17, 2015
    This is bittersweet...As we welcome the beginning of hurricane season, clubs around your district are also welcoming new leadership.  AAF 4th District is doing the same, with newly elected leadership, new committee chairs and goals which will help the advertising industry in many ways.It has been my honor to serve as your governor this past […]

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