Agency Spotlight: BigEye Delivers on Multi-Brand Project for Ritz-Carlton

As part of our Agency Spotlight series, we caught up with BigEye Agencya creative multi-platform advertising partner building incredible brand experiences for clients. We asked the team to highlight a particular project they are proud of and that you might learn from.

BigEye works with many high-profile clients, but a recent campaign with Ritz-Carlton Residences, Orlando, Grande Lakes was a unique challenge with outstanding results. You can see how refined the website turned out here!

For background, Ritz-Carlton Residences, Orlando, Grande Lakes is a community that offers spectacular homes that blur the line between work and play in a resort-style setting. Capitalizing on the universal recognition of the Ritz-Carlton name and respect for its signature style, the project was coordinated by Unicorp National Developments, a prominent and highly regarded Orlando-based property development company that BIGEYE has worked with on many occasions.   

  1. What was the goal? What were you hired to do?
    One of the requirements of this project was that the website and marketing collateral have a luxurious look and feel that reflects the elegance and sophistication for which Ritz-Carlton is known. With homes starting at just under $2 million, prospective owners have very high expectations. Unfortunately, the project team had gone through the entire creative process with another agency and simply wasn’t happy with the results. So, they came to BIGEYE for a fresh start and a new perspective. 
  2. How did you get started?
    As we do with all projects, we started at Step 1 of what we call our BIG process and fully immersed ourselves in the Ritz-Carlton culture and mindset. That discovery and analysis work became the foundation for all the creative output that followed: The brochure & the website. 
  3. What are you most proud of about the work did?
    Unlike many projects where BIGEYE takes the lead in developing or enhancing the client’s visual signature, with an icon like Ritz-Carlton, that wasn’t necessary. Instead, the challenge was creating materials that reflected Unicorp’s vision for the development while staying true to the Ritz-Carlton brand and its well-established and highly refined standards. 
  4. What did this project mean for the agency?
    BIGEYE desires to make our clients lives easier and become an extension of their team. Just like any other partner we work with, we dedicated a team for the Ritz-Carlton and Unicorp project to maintain schedules, ensure timeliness, and serve as a strategic partner. We joke and say, our clients may not like us very much before we’ve had our morning coffee, but we’re here for them, every step of the way, regardless. 
  5. What do you believe made you stand out in landing this account? 
    We endeavor to ensure that a universal, corporate sense of earnestness, zeal, motivation, and criticality is present in all departments, solidifying the notion that efforts are effectively prioritize, responsibilities identified, and promised deadlines are achieved.

    Since 2002, we’ve adapted to changes, trends, and societal shifts in media, messaging, and design. It’s been quite the roller-coaster ride, but we love every twist, turn, and loopdeloop we encounter. We’ve now mastered a new frontier: providing our partners with comprehensive, creative solutions that place them in front of the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. We’re able to accomplish such precision through a strategic blend of both traditional and digital media that we call multi-platform delivery.It is this commitment to maintaining defined standards of excellence that positions BIGEYE as an ideal partner, capable of collaborating seamlessly with clients to achieve their desired goals, all the while exceeding expectations.
  6. What did the client have to say about the work?
    We’ve worked with BIGEYE many times, and I continue to be impressed with their skill in taking abstract ideas and turning them into fully realized creative output. On this project in particular, they were able to bring input from multiple stakeholders into perfect alignment to help prospective clients understand what the community has to offer in terms of Unicorp quality and Ritz-Carlton style.” - Chuck Whittall, Unicorp president.

As for what's next for BigEye, the team reflected on the stellar growth the agency has experienced:

Every great story begins with just a few simple steps. We began our advertising agency in 2002 and grew rather slowly and purposely over the course of a decade. Small, deliberate steps led us to our banner year of giant leaps. In 2012 we began to expand faster than ever before, fueled by a decade of experience and passion. Services grew, clients’ businesses grew, and so did our payroll. We moved locations twice in two years -- from a two-story historic house, to a three-story home that was double the size. The awards started to come in, and our name was seen and heard in places it had never been before. BIG what? EYE who? People were talking. In 2015, we relocated yet again to a studio triple the size.

Today we’re riding a nice steady wave toward our future, but always remembering our humble, heartfelt beginnings, and bringing that grateful mindset to all of our projects and relationships.


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