Get Connected: Meet Claudia Blum, our September Member Spotlight

Getting to know each other is important – we’re all friends here! We’re doing a monthly member highlight to make sure you see a familiar face at events and help you find others in the … Continue reading →

Meet the Advertising Legends You’ll Hear from on Sept. 13th

Take a sneak peek at the Orlando creative and advertising legends joining us for the Legacy of Fine Artists event on Sept. 13! These advertising greats will be dishing on fine art, digital design, and … Continue reading →

Prequel to Pixel: Celebrating the Legacy of Fine Artists in Orlando Advertising

Hear how Orlando’s greatest Advertising Legends began as fine artists prior to a digital age.
The Orlando ad industry has had many fine artists who developed their careers and eventually became creative & art directors of … Continue reading →

Social Fresh 2017

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with Social Fresh Conference 2017. This will be the 20th conference produced by Social Fresh since 2008. Over 250 of the Fortune 500 have attended their events.

Social … Continue reading →

Digital Marketing Resources for Nonprofits

The AAF-Orlando team has compiled a list of online marketing tools to help grow your nonprofit organization. The resources outlined below are either free or offered at a reduced rate for qualified nonprofits. We hope … Continue reading →

It’s Time to Get Fresh with Social Media

What exactly is “Social Fresh”? Well, it isn’t advice on how to tactfully tell your colleague they need a breath freshener; and it isn’t a fresh new entrant into the ever-evolving social media arena. Social … Continue reading →

Government Report

New Leadership in the House
Representative Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., has been selected as the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives replacing former Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, who has resigned from Congress.

Rep. Ryan had previously … Continue reading →

By-law Revisions

Summary of Changes:
Silver Medalist Memberships – Section 4.03
In the current version Silver Medalists are given a lifetime membership at zero cost. This can be costly to a club to continue to pay dues of for … Continue reading →

Government Report

Presidential Candidates May Target Advertising
At a recent campaign stop in Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, proposed “cracking down on direct-to-consumer advertising.” Ads for prescription drugs “can include confusing, misleading, or incomplete information or exaggerated … Continue reading →

Creativity Is Your Best Weapon-AAF-Orlando’s First Webcast

When your first webinar guest is a man who graduated from a circus and worked at a place called WONGDOODY, how could you not want to get to know that man better?

Watch how Cal McAllister, … Continue reading →

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