Government Report

New Leadership in the House
Representative Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., has been selected as the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives replacing former Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, who has resigned from Congress.

Rep. Ryan had previously … Continue reading →

By-law Revisions

Summary of Changes:
Silver Medalist Memberships – Section 4.03
In the current version Silver Medalists are given a lifetime membership at zero cost. This can be costly to a club to continue to pay dues of for … Continue reading →

Government Report

Presidential Candidates May Target Advertising
At a recent campaign stop in Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, proposed “cracking down on direct-to-consumer advertising.” Ads for prescription drugs “can include confusing, misleading, or incomplete information or exaggerated … Continue reading →

Creativity Is Your Best Weapon-AAF-Orlando’s First Webcast

When your first webinar guest is a man who graduated from a circus and worked at a place called WONGDOODY, how could you not want to get to know that man better?

Watch how Cal McAllister, … Continue reading →

Ad Help Day – Take 2

AAF-Orlando held their second ever Ad Help Day last Saturday and had a great turn out. Several volunteers were partnered with local nonprofits to work on marketing and advertising needs. Below are some photos from … Continue reading →

Ad Industry Government Affairs

Here’s the latest from D.C.
Tax Reform Unlikely Soon
As Congress prepares to leave Washington, DC for the August recess, the odds keep getting longer that comprehensive or corporate tax reform will happen before the next election.  … Continue reading →

Ad 2 Orlando – Public Service Campaign

Every year Ad 2 Orlando selects a local nonprofit organization for a full advertising and marketing campaign – pro bono! Last year they worked with Jimmy Buffet’s Save the Manatee to produce new collateral and a full … Continue reading →

Latest From D.C.

Ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power—and power increases exponentially when it is shared. So AAF-Orlando would like to share with you the most relevant and up to date information about how Capitol Hill … Continue reading →

How Advertising is Going To Be Affected By the Net Neutrality Decision

“Net Neutrality” implies equal access to broadband and content.  Proposed rules would require that ISPs (Internet service providers) treat all internet traffic — even that of competitors – equally.   And, the proposed rules would prevent … Continue reading →

10 Motivational Parks and Recreation Quotes to Help You Conquer Your Life

Whether you’re feeling that mid-week struggle or looking for a fresh perspective on your professional life, treat yourself  to these 10 quotes from the characters of NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over … Continue reading →

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