Executive Committee

Tina Fleming
Tina Fleming
Company: Zillas
Title: Director of Strategy
Arthur Goodman
Arthur Goodman
President Elect
Company: Oxenfree Film & Motion
Title: Partner, Co-CEO
Diana Galvin
Diana Galvin
Company: On Target
Title: Project Manager & Content Strategist
Francita Williams
Francita V. Williams
Immediate Past-President
Company: Zillas
Title: Sr. Project Manager
Teddy Johnson
Teddy Johnson
Ad 2 Director
Company: Overture Brand Studio
Title: Co-Founder
Tiffany L. Ryan
Executive Director
Company: Wiley University Services
Title: Sr. Manager of Solutions

Board of Directors

Christina Nguyen
Christina Nguyen
Communications Director
Company: Vidi Global
Title: Account Director
Carlyn Tribble Repchak
American Advertising Awards Director
Company: Florida Citrus Sports
Title: Sr. Director of Events
Terry Mooney | AAF Orlando
Terry Mooney
Sponsorship Chair
Company: EVOK
Title: Partner
Alexandra De Cespedes-Silva
Alex De Cespedes-Silva
Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Company: Push
Title: Art Director
Shannon Everhart
AAA Judging Chair
Company: 321 the Agency
Chris Bare
Chris Bare
Advisory Chair
Company: Torii Gate Marketing
Title: Founder

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