The ADvocate Awards

The ADvocate Awards stand as a testament to the achievements of outstanding individuals who have left a lasting impact across various domains, showcasing excellence in one of a few distinguished categories. These awards serve as a platform to honor and acknowledge the remarkable contributions of Orlando-based individuals who have significantly influenced positive change in their fields and will be presented at the Orlando American Advertising Awards Gala.

Judging Criteria:

Both the nominator and nominee must be a member in good standing with the American Advertising Federation of Orlando.

The nominator must detail the nominee's excellence in one of the following categories and include additional supporting documents to affirm all written statements.

  • Rookie of the Year: Celebrates a newcomer who has significantly impacted their first years in the industry.
  • Outstanding Leader: Honors an individual who exemplifies exceptional leadership qualities and positively influences their team.
  • Creative Genius: Recognizes an individual whose creative contributions have set new standards and inspired others.
  • DEI Devotee: Awards individuals who have steadfastly supported and implemented Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.
  • Unsung Hero: Salutes an individual who consistently contributes behind the scenes but may not always receive the recognition they deserve.

Previous Award Recipients

2024 - Francita V. Williams - DEI Devotee; Dani Pickett - Rookie of the Year

Nominations Now Open for 2025!

The time has come to recognize the extraordinary efforts of individuals who have made a lasting impact in their respective fields. If you're eager to spotlight someone's outstanding contributions to a cause, initiative, or movement, seize this opportunity to make it official! Utilize our online nomination form to put forward a trailblazer for the esteemed ADvocate Awards in its inaugural year. Nominate today and be a part of recognizing those who truly make a difference!

The 2025 ADvocates Awards submission deadline is 12/31/2024 at 11:59 p.m.