How to Get Involved

AAF-Orlando is a volunteer organization led by individuals who care about advancing the state of advertising in our community. Each year our members and non-members alike serve as Committee Chairs and Committee Participants to plan and execute the various operations and initiatives of our club, including: Awards programs, professional and social programs, government relations, public service, education, and more.

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Why Participate

Chairing or joining one of our committees is an exceptional opportunity to contribute or sharpen your skills and to develop relationships with like-minded professionals who share your enthusiasm for the advertising industry. Please take some time to review the current committees and contact our President, in order to find out how you can get involved.

Mentorship Program

Become a mentor to young advertising professionals and help them on their career journey.

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Standing Committees

American Advertising Awards

The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting more than 60,000 entries annually. Conducted by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the American Advertising Awards recognize and reward creative excellence in all forms of advertising. Our Award Planning Committee is responsible for planning and executing the call-to-entries process and the awards ceremony for the local Orlando competition, as well as forwarding winners to district.

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The Communications Committee is responsible for keeping our members informed about upcoming events, programs, special functions and general news via the website, email and social media.

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Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee promotes the importance of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural inclusivity initiatives within AAF-Orlando and the local advertising industry. The committee will identify opportunities for AAF-Orlando to expand their reach and value to more diverse markets, industries and members and encourage involvement and membership of diverse groups within AAF-Orlando.

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Education & Scholarships

The Education & Scholarships Committee serves as a resource for area colleges and universities through events such as the Student ADDY awards, educational tours, seminars, portfolio reviews, and mentoring opportunities. The committee will also assist with the screening of scholarship candidates. Volunteers are needed year-round for this committee.

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Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee is charged with keeping up on the latest regulations and proposed changes that can affect our industry and is a priority to our organization. This committee monitors legislative activity affecting the advertising industry, and lobbies for positive change.

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Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing & Public Relations Committee works with the local media to generate press and exposure for the AAF-Orlando with the goal of enhancing the club’s image within the Orlando business community while cultivating membership prospects. The committee also oversees AAF-Orlando branding efforts both in print and online and develops marketing materials and campaigns to promote the club.

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The Membership Committee is dedicated to growing the AAF-Orlando with on-going recruitment efforts throughout the Orlando advertising community while ensuring that current members are getting the most out of their membership.

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The Sponsorship Committee recommends and solicits sponsorship programs for the various events of AAF-Orlando. The committee will define levels of sponsorships, work with individual event committees on sponsorship efforts, and explore sustaining sponsorships for AAF-Orlando. In addition, the committee will develop and implement strategies for attracting new sponsors, solicit targeted sponsorships and ensure sponsor benefits are provided and sponsors are satisfied with their participation; develops sponsor “thank you” initiatives.

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Public Service

The Public Service Committee will research, develop and deliver projects that effectively use advertising techniques to support local, regional and/or national programs on behalf of public interest and/or community betterment.

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Programs & Socials

The Programs & Socials Committee is charged with providing social, educational and networking opportunities for AAF-Orlando members by offering speakers that foster actively interested members, well attended meetings and membership growth. In addition, the committee creates and implements various social events and educational programs. These programs are intended to enhance the knowledge of advertising professionals about the industry.

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Prerequisites for Committee Chair Positions

  1. Chairs must be appointed by the AAF-Orlando President and approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Appoint enough committee members to manage all aspects of the committee's objectives.
  3. Lead the committee and guide its direction towards realizing those goals and objectives.
  4. Oversee and manage the work, deadlines and responsibilities of committee members.
  5. Manage the budget allowances allocated for the committee.
  6. Employ fiscal responsibility to spending and income decisions.
  7. Secure the approval of the board for all anticipated expenses before entering into any agreements or arrangements.
  8. Attend all scheduled board meetings and report the status of the committee’s accomplishments and action plans.