The Silver Medal Award

silver-medal-medallionThe Silver Medal Award Program was established in 1959 by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) to recognize people who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and have been active in furthering the industry's standards, creative excellence, and responsibility in areas of social concern. Annually, AAF member clubs bestow this honor upon outstanding members of the local advertising community.

The Silver Medal is the highest award that AAF-Orlando can give. A panel of judges from the local club selects Silver Medal recipients.

Judging Criteria:

The nominator must be a member in good standing with the American Advertising Federation of Orlando.

The nominator must detail the Nominee's excellence in all the following categories and include any additional supporting documents, i.e., the Nominee's resume, related articles, and references to affirm all written statements.

Contribution to Company – The Nominee must have achieved success in one of the following areas of work: advertising agency, advertiser, media, advertising service company, or related firm.

Creativity – The Nominee must have demonstrated a consistent high degree of creativity and original thinking in whatever area of advertising the individual has worked.

Contributions to General Advancement of Advertising – The Nominee should have worked to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession.

Contributions to Community – The Nominee should be active in civic, religious, or other groups dedicated to some aspect of human or social welfare.

Contributions to Education – Any activities the Nominee has participated in that have contributed to the professional development of members of the advertising industry for the advancement of advertising education to students through local colleges and universities.

Nomination Window is Now Open

Ready to shine a spotlight on someone extraordinary? If you're bursting with pride about an individual's outstanding contributions to advertising, here's your chance to make it official! Please use the online form to nominate a trailblazer for the prestigious Silver Medal award. Let's celebrate excellence together!

Nominations for this year's Silver Medalist must be submitted by December 31, 2024.

The Silver Medal Award Nomination

Nominator Information

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Excellence Categories

In which area of work (advertising agency, advertiser, media, advertising service company, or related firm) has the Nominee achieved notable success?
Could you share instances where the Nominee has demonstrated a consistently high degree of creativity and original thinking in their role within the advertising industry?
Describe how the Nominee has actively contributed to the general advancement of advertising, working to increase the industry's stature and raise its standards. Please provide specific initiatives or efforts.
How is the Nominee actively involved in civic, religious, or other groups dedicated to aspects of human or social welfare? Provide details on the Nominee's contributions and impact within the community.
Share information about any activities the Nominee has participated in that contributed to the professional development of advertising industry members or advanced advertising education at local colleges and universities. Include specific examples or programs.

Supporting Documents

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      2023 Tiffany L. Ryan
      2022 Terry Mooney
      2021 John Deeb
      2020 Michael Murray
      2019 Yeosh Bendayan and Jon Ruhff
      2018 Barbara Hartley
      2017 John Ludwig
      2016 Diana LaRue
      2015 Julio Lima
      2014 Tom Macaluso
      2013 Jim Hobart
      2012 Brad Fuller
      2011 Chris Robb
      2010 Linda Byrd
      2009 Pete Barr Jr.
      2008 Jessica Roberts
      2007 Tom Kane
      2006 Michael Speltz
      2005 Barb Scherer
      2003 F. Ashley Allen
      2002 Lon Winter
      2001 Marjorie Dobbin
      2000 Tim Fisher
      1999 Mark Barker, Jr.
      1998 Dave Chapman
      1997 Jim Bullard
      1996 Cherie Faircloth-Rodriguez
      1995 Fred Frailey
      1994 Sonja Unger-Marchesano
      1993 Bill Nugent
      1992 Joe Anson
      1991 Peter Yesawich
      1990 Jack Wiesenfeld
      1989 Billie Heller
      1988 Andy Anderson
      1987 Tom Elrod
      1986 David Wilson
      1985 Joe Cantrell
      1984 Catherine Kerns
      1983 Jim MacMahon
      1982 Pete C. Barr Sr.
      1981 C. Lee Gouchenour
      1980 Tom Kline
      1979 Ed Prizer
      1978 Cliffton Conley
      1977 Walter Windsor
      1976 Vivian Morris
      1975 Gary Kerns
      1974 Carl Hallberg
      1973 Don McAllister
      1972 Chuck Fry
      1971 Vic Vickers
      1970 David Jacobs
      1969 Julian Bennett
      1968 Robert Hammond
      1967 Joseph Landers
      1966 Vas Howe
      1965 Roy Gibbs
      1964 Joseph Brechner
      1963 Tom Bonneville
      1962 Don Barbour
      1961 Mert Austin
      1960 Ellis Lavin
      1959 Walter Bonvie