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  • Creative Director - Southwest Florida March 29, 2017
    Southwest Florida advertising agency seeks an imaginative and passionate Creative Director (CD) with a strong writing background to generate compelling ideas for our clients. 

The CD is a driven wordsmith who knows how to switch the light bulb on for big ideas, and can contribute and inspire fellow creative staff to come up with killer […]
  • 4AAF Hurricane Recovery Help Network is Activated October 7, 2016
    Do you need a chain saw, generator, or someplace to store frozen food until the electricity comes back on? Do you need someplace to stay, or an office to use until the windows are replaced in your building? How about just some help cleaning up? Those are some of the things being experienced by our […]
  • Year Long Demolition Seen In A Minute and a Half August 25, 2016
    Tampa Bay video production company CMR Studios has won ADDYs in cinematography for their time lapse videos. One year ago they were set to document the demolition of the iconic St. Petersburg Pier with three strategically located time lapse cameras. The waterfront site was supposed to be cleared of the inverted pyramid and approach in […]

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