Sales Associate

The NBCUniversal Local Sales Associates Program (SAP) is an accelerated development experience for early-career sales professionals. This highly competitive program identifies outstanding aspiring digital media sales professionals who bring diverse backgrounds to the organization. This fast-track training program offers associates experiences in all aspects of the sales cycle (including research and operations), as well as sales verticals (traditional broadcast media, digital, business development & out-of-home). This is an excellent opportunity for a jumpstart into the fast-paced field of media sales. Associates will attend a ‘boot camp’ experience at one of the NBCUniversal Local stations. This will: orient associates to NBCUniversal/NBCUniversal Local division; expose associates to members of the NBCUniversal Local senior leadership and sales leadership teams; train associates in NBCUniversal Local stations’ products, processes, such as NFL, NHL, FIFA World Cup Barclay’s Premier League, The Golden Globes©, Digital and Non-Linear initiatives and related sales competencies. After ‘boot camp,’ the sales associate will reside with the sales team at an NBCUniversal Local station for the duration of the program. The Sales Associates Program runs for a flexible period of 8-12 months and associates will have experiences with core selling, business development, and digital selling. This program also offers leadership development and exposure, networking, and developing key sales competencies. Former Sales Associates have moved on to Executive Sales roles within NBCUniversal through the course of their career.

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