By-law Revisions

Summary of Changes:

Silver Medalist Memberships - Section 4.03

In the current version Silver Medalists are given a lifetime membership at zero cost. This can be costly to a club to continue to pay dues of for all the living Silver Medalists.
The new version proposes that Silver Medalists are provided a local membership at zero cost, but this membership will not be recognized in the national organization. If the Silver Medalist would like their membership to be nationally recognized they need only pay the equivalent cost of District and National dues.

President-Elect - Section 5.03 & 6.02

To ensure legacy and continuity in the leadership of AAF-Orlando from year to year we are proposing that the position of Vice President be changed to President-Elect.

Removal of Officers - Section 5.06

It has also come to our attention that there are guidelines int he By-laws that indicate how and why a Director may be removed from their post, but not to indicate how an Officer should be removed and/or replaced if it becomes necessary to do so.

This section outlines that first the Board must first look to the Trustees for arbitration but allows the election of an officer to be rescinded with a 3/4 majority vote by the Board of Directors if necessary.

Immediate Past President - Section 6.05

In recent years the Immediate Past President (IPP) has been recognized as an unofficial member of the executive committee. The revisions to these By-laws solidify the IPP as an official member of the executive committee.

In addition, the responsibility is placed on the IPP to ensure that taxes are filed for their club year. If the IPP fails to execute this task by September 30th, the Board of Directors has the right to remove the IPP from the board and with that any eligibility to become a Trustee of the organization.

Board of Trustees - Section 7.01

In discussion with members of the Board of Trustees we updated this section to include the following:

  • There will be a Trustee vote that counts in the quorum for every 5 members of the board of directors
  • Because the vote counts in quorum a member of the Board of Trustees is expected at all board meetings.
  • The Board of Trustees should be looked to a source of guidance and for arbitration of outstanding club issues.

Standing Committees - Section 9.04

To keep the by-laws clean and free of Policy and Procedure Manual content all standing committee descriptions have been removed and will be included in the next revision of the Policy Manual (expected in 2016).

Elections - Board of Directors and Officers - Articles XII and XIII

The current election requirements have become outdated and very confusing. The revisions to these sections separate the election requirements for Board of Directors and Officers. The Board of Directors will continue to be elected by the membership, while the Officers will be elected by the Board of Directors.

Ad 2 Affiliation Agreement - Schedule A

The Ad 2 Affiliation agreement language has been updated to clarify things that were vague in the current version. Some examples:

  • Communications - Each club must include in it's branding and communications that it is affiliated with the other.
  • Clarification of membership definitions across the affiliation.
  • Removal of line items that should be included in the budget. Ad 2 presents a full budget similar to AAF.
  • Signature lines to indicate that each year the Presidents of both organizations have reviewed, understand and agree to the initiatives set forth in this affiliation agreement.

View Proposed Revisions Here

The vote will take place at our regular October Board Meeting on October 12, 2015, 6pm

at WKMG offices: 4466 North John Young Parkway
Orlando FL 32805

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