Morgan & Morgan: An Advertising Investigation

Ask around and you’ll find that most Central Florida residents are familiar with Morgan & Morgan. Founded by John Morgan in 1998, the injury law firm grew from humble beginnings in Orlando to becoming one of the largest firms of its kind in the country, boasting more than 700 attorneys in over 50 offices located in Florida and 16 other states.

But success doesn’t always lead to name recognition — and you’d be hard-pressed to find a Central Floridian who hasn’t heard of John Morgan or his famous slogan: “For the people.” Why, you ask? The answer lies in the firm’s unique approach to advertising.

A screenshot of a tweet by John Morgan. The tweet features a billboard with John Morgan as Santa Claus and the copy "Grandma Run Over By A Reindeer?"

“Our advertising strategy is simple: Grow or Die. We continue to find innovative and unique ways to promote the firm and we are not afraid to spend the money," shares David Falkenstein, Morgan & Morgan's communications director.

Like Appliance Direct, many of Morgan & Morgan’s commercials star the man who started it all: John Morgan (“of Morgan & Morgan”). He’s often featured alongside his wife or sons, who themselves are also partners in the law firm. Morgan & Morgan is particularly famous for its billboards, many of which — like the one in the tweet above — take a distinctly comedic approach.

Beyond comedy, Morgan & Morgan has experimented with even more unique outdoor advertising strategies to earn publicity. In 2015, the firm put up a slew of billboards that were intentionally designed to look vandalized. The first one, placed in Orlando and themed to the Orlando City Soccer Club, was such a success that it caused a traffic jam from people stopping to take photos. This led Morgan & Morgan to put up even more.

A Morgan & Morgan billboard vandalized to promote the Orlando City Lions

“We wanted to create billboards that people would remember. That they'd tweet about or write about or post about," explains Falkenstein. "In order to compete, you have to stand out, and we did just that in every market we were in around the Southeast.”

Beyond outdoor advertising, Morgan & Morgan has dominated the air and radio waves for decades. Like the billboards, many of the firm’s television ads feature Morgan himself, often speaking directly to the camera. These ads also feature other members of the Morgan family, helping viewers and listeners feel a more personal connection than they otherwise might to a local law firm.

All in all, Morgan & Morgan has established itself as one of the most well-known advertisers in the Central Florida area through its willingness to strategize and not take itself too seriously. It’s important for any business to stand out from the crowd — especially in a field as competitive as personal injury law. Morgan & Morgan has succeeded in standing out and then some.


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P.S. Among his other business ventures, John Morgan has made his mark on the local tourism industry by founding both WonderWorks and Magical Midway. The more you know!

About the Author: Nicole Wills is a communications professional and freelance writer with a passion for storytelling. She currently serves as the Content Chair of AAF Orlando's Communications & Creative Committee. When Nicole isn't writing, she can be found reading, playing video games, and hanging out with her cat (sometimes all at once)

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