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Rogers Kiene Building (formerly The Gallery at Avalon Island)
39 S Magnolia Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
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Celebrating the Legacy of Fine Artists in Orlando Advertising

Thursday, September 13 at 6pm

Hear how these Advertising Legends began as fine artists prior to a digital age. Get Tickets.

As the advertising industry and technology have evolved, so has the art of creating advertising. While much of today’s advertising is concepted, created and produced entirely digitally on computers, the foundation of advertising creativity is grounded in fundamentals of artistic design, theory, concepts and creative writing. Most creative & art directors in the ad industry of a certain age and tenure began their careers with a base of creative talent in a form of fine art. The Orlando ad industry has had many fine artists who developed their careers and eventually became creative & art directors of ad agencies and corporations — some becoming agency owners themselves. This market enjoys the benefit of still having most of that artistic talent right here. The Fine Art of Advertising showcases some of the recent fine artwork of these amazing “creatives” who continue to practice their art and pays homage to their creative contributions to the ad industry.

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