Rebranding Kindness: An Experiential Workshop


The Balcony
189 South Orange Avenue #1120
Orlando, FL 32801
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Join us for an inspired hour with the founders of, a research-based company dedicated to educating and inspiring people to choose kindness. Through their collaboration with Oxford University, released a breakthrough meta-analysis this past year, showing that kind acts have a significant effect on our happiness and well-being. You’ll not only learn about their partnerships with companies like Instagram and 23andMe and workplace activations with companies like the NBA and Google, but you’ll leave having experienced the power of kindness first-hand — as a guarantee, you will feel happier by the end of the workshop.

To put kindness back on the agenda, Jaclyn Lindsey and Melissa Burmester founded Leading with research, leverages storytelling and science to develop behavioral-change programs and tools for the workplace, schools and individuals.